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Surprise! Surprise! The EU was invented by the USA.

Click the links in this article if you have never heard about the history of the EU before. Its all true, check it.

At the end of WWII the USA was the dominant power and was confronted with the problem of how to pacify Europe and at the same time contain the USSR.   Instead of imposing an Allied government of occupation the Western Allies imposed a system of cooperative government.  The Committee of European Economic Cooperation (CEEC) was set up to propose a plan for the future.  The Committee was run by George Marshall and Ernest Bevin and the plan became the basis for the Marshall Plan.  The Marshall Plan was financed by the US Foreign Assistance  Act 1948.  The Foreign Assistance act made customs and market cooperation obligatory before aid would be given to key European countries.  The Act put CEEC policy firmly in charge of Europe (the CEEC later became the OECD).  Eventually the Allies set up the World Bank, IMF, GATT (later to become the WTO) as the new International Order.  These organisations were all part of the post-war Allied management of the West.

The British realised that this aid plan would result in loss of sovereignty and the Labour Government of the time only accepted loans from the USA (the last of which was repaid in 2006) rather than aid**.  The Americans were not impressed by the desire of their ally to remain independent:

"The British went to extraordinary lengths to resist the Marshall Plan’s insistence on immediate economic integration with the rest of Europe, the great string attached to Marshall aid everywhere."  The Marshall Plan: A Strategy that Worked. see also Marshall Foundation website and (Note 1) below.

In 1948 a committee called ACUE (American Committee on United Europe) was established to create and finance pressure groups for European union.  The American Committee on United Europe was an OSS and then CIA front organisation set up by the head of the wartime OSS, William Donovan and the first director of the CIA, Allen Dulles. ACUE was post-war allied policy and was created partly at the request of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the head of Pan Europa.

Two pressure groups were set up, the European Movement in 1948 and ACUSE (The Action Committee for a United States of Europe) in 1955.  The European Movement is of chief concern because in 2015 it created (using US finance) the "Britain Stronger In Europe Campaign" which is the official "Remain" campaign for the UK Referendum on membership of the EU.

Financing of European Movement.
The British Conservative Party, whilst out of government, had a strong initial, unofficial involvement in the European Movement:

"The European Movement was formally created on the 25th October 1948, when the Joint International Committee for European Unity decided to change its name. Duncan Sandys was elected President and Léon Blum, Winston Churchill, Alcide De Gasperi and Paul-Henri Spaak were elected as Honorary Presidents. The first major achievement of the European Movement was the creation of the Council of Europe in May 1949." History of the European Movement

The current Chair of the European Movement UK is Laura Sandys, Duncan Sandys' daughter.

The US State Department also played a direct role in the pressure for European Union. A memo from the European section of the State Department, dated June 11, 1965, advises the vice-president of the European Economic Community, Robert Marjolin, to pursue monetary union by stealth. It recommends suppressing debate until the point at which "adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable". (See Euro Federalists financed by US Spy Chiefs).  The US also rewards UK politicians who do its bidding on Europe, for instance David Miliband was given the CEO role on the IRC for pushing through the Lisbon Treaty.

Duncan Sandys, the first head of the European Movement, realised that the USA was the only large scale source of funds but was: "Very anxious that American support for the European Movement should not be known" (Source).  Sandys insisted on secrecy because during the Cold War it was essential that Western Europe was not seen as the puppet of the USA.  The problem of hiding the American funding was resolved in two stages. The US Ford and Rockefeller Foundations supplied funds through to the 1960s (the Head of the Ford Foundation, Paul Hoffman, was an ex-OSS officer).   It was still necessary to obscure the US source of funding and in 1952-54 the Secretary General of the European Movement,  Józef Retinger, founded the Bilderberg Group as an Elite group to press for European integration and transatlantic dialogue and, through its corporate members, fund the cause of European Union.

The Bilderberg Group offended various sensitivities and so has been the centre of a highly effective disinformation campaign.  The ill informed now imagine that people who even mention the Bilderberg Group are probably insane.  The success of this campaign has given the elite group tremendous freedom because anyone criticising them can be told to take the aluminium foil off their heads and reassured that an alien invasion is not imminent!

The Bilderberg Group is real. It has its own website.  It is an exceptionally powerful forum for driving European integration. Here is a list of those attending the last meeting (11th-14th June 2015), it is well worth reading to find out just how powerful the Bilderberg Group has become:

Bilderberg Attendees June 2015. Click for original copy
Cross the Bilderberg Group at your peril! They control much of the media in the EU and established politicians know better than to even mention them.  This is why the anti-EU movement use the term "The Elite" as a code for the group of senior politicians and heads of multinationals who are pushing for full European Union. The role of Bilderberg is not to implement policies itself but to delegate them to members and their contacts.  The original brief for Bilderberg, that still applies today, was described by Josef Retinger:

"We decided, however, that none of the new ideas and initiatives would be developed by the group, but that they should be passed on to some persons or organization who could further develop them." (The Bilderberg Group by J. Retinger

This has allowed the Bilderberg Group to remain untainted by the consequences of the actions that it delegates.

The June 2015 meeting had "European Strategy" and "The United Kingdom" on the agenda (ie: the UK Referendum).  It was attended by George Osborne, Rona Fairhead (Head of BBC), Minton Beddoes (The Economist) and Martin Wolf (Financial Times).  Unfortunately the discussions held by this Elite group were and are entirely secret.  Yes, the journalists etc. from the BBC, Economist, FT etc are there to take part in the plans rather than to report them.   US Laws against elected politicians attending secret meetings mean that some US attendees are proxies for the US Government.

Notice that Robert Zoellick from Goldman Sachs, the US bank, chaired the meeting and that the head of another major US bank, JP Morgan, was also present.  Zoellick is an ex Deputy US Secretary of State and a close collaborator of David Patraeus, ex head of the CIA.  Patraeus and Zoellick frequently co-author articles on globalizing the world.  Unfortunately recent CIA and US Government involvement, after the 1960s, in shaping the EU is protected by 50 year secrecy rules etc.

A few days after the Bilderberg Meeting, on 16th June, Laura Sandys, Chair of the European Movement UK, set up the "Britain Stronger in Europe Campaign".  The US bank, Goldman Sachs, the bank that chaired the Bilderberg meeting a few days earlier, gave a 'six figure' sum to the campaign and another US bank at the Bilderberg Meeting, JP Morgan also stumped up a huge sum. These have been followed by US banks Citigroup and Morgan Stanley  US Banks financing the "Remain" campaign is an affront to UK democracy.

"The US banks are free to make donations now because the rules of the referendum have not been set and the campaigns are not officially registered."(Guardian).  So when you see the funding of StrongerIn after the referendum the figure will be much less that the reality.

Readers might also note that Peter Sutherland, the UN Special Representative on Migration and then Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, was at the Bilderberg Meeting. He has said: "The EU should "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states." Or, to put it another way, he desires an homogeneous EU without separate states.  He sees mass migration as an essential tool in this project.

The Bilderberg Group has spawned various groups such as the European Round Table of Industrialists, the Foreign Investment Advisory Council, and the European Financial Services Round Table that deal directly with the EU.

David Cameron has invited Barack Obama to the UK to persuade the people of Britain to become submerged in the EU.  The more naive, wealthy, middle class voter has an idealised view of the EU as enlightened people all marching together.  The reality is dark and different.  The EU was created by the USA but it is almost powerless without the British contribution of its trade, army and nuclear weapons.  The EU is a tool of multinational corporations and is being used to further their agenda and the American agenda - whatever that might be, not yours.  You would be blind not to have noticed the endless stream of greedy corporations demanding you vote Remain!

Before you vote in the coming referendum, make sure that you know what the EU really is, don't just accept what they tell you.What we do know is that, being a creation of multinational companies, the EU, in the long run, will be about cheap labour, high profits and no company taxes.

The Other Strand of European Union - Jean Monnet and ACUSE

The US backing for the European Movement is important because it has a direct impact on the UK Referendum on membership of the EU.  However, the US also backed Jean Monnet's ACUSE.

Jean Monnet, one of the founding fathers of the EU, said: “The fusion (of economic functions) would compel nations to fuse their sovereignty into that of a single European State."*

Jean Monnet was a Deputy Secretary General of the League of Nations who became a highly influential** International Financier, banker and businessman. He was considered among the most connected persons of his time.  In WWII he was an advisor to President Roosevelt. At the end of WWII he proposed the Monnet Plan which involved French control of the German iron and steel industry of the Ruhr. This resulted in the International Authority for the Ruhr which transmuted into the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC).  The Germans had already merged the steel and coal industries of N.France, Belgium and the Ruhr as part of their "European Economic Community" during the WWII occupation, intriguingly this Coal and Steel Community was also an idea of Coudenhove-Kalergi's in the 1920s.

In 1954 Jean Monnet resigned as President of the High Authority of the ECSC and in 1955 he set up the Action Committee for the United States of Europe (ACUSE).  ACUSE was supported by The American Committee on United Europe (ACUE).

The American Committee on United Europe was a CIA front organisation set up by the head of the wartime OSS, William Donovan and the first director of the CIA, Allen Dulles. ACUE was post-war allied policy and was created partly at the request of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the head of Pan Europa.

"The U.S. policy was to promote a United States of Europe, and to this end the committee was used to discreetly funnel CIA funds - by the mid 50's ACUE was receiving roughly $1,000,000 USD per year - to European pro-federalists supporting such organizations as the Council of Europe, the European Coal and Steel Community, and the proposed European Defence Community." See Wikipedia entry.

It was the ACUE funded ACUSE that pushed for the foundation of Euratom and ACUSE was involved in The Messina Declaration which set the parameters for a Common Market in Europe.

According to Monnet's papers Harold Macmillan arranged  for the Tory Party to become a (secret) corporate member of Monnet’s Action Committee for a United States of Europe.

It seems that the EU was an Allied plan at the end of WWII that was designed to defuse German, and French, nationalism.  In a later phase its aims became widened by those who believed in Global Government, such as Macmillan, Heath and the Tory party, so that it included the UK.  The intention was always a "United States of Europe" and in the later phase, the termination of the UK.

Monnet's truly great contribution was to ensure that all negotiations focussed on the here and now.  He realised that if you never discuss the destination but keep everyone moving you will achieve your goal.  Most international negotiations now attempt to use this technique, which has reduced its power with professionals, but it continues to fool lay people.

The eventual goal is an American/Big Business controlled Empire created by stealth and subversion.  Some people might believe that this is a good idea but I prefer openness and honesty.  Those things that are born in the shadows always carry with them a stain of darkness.  The USA is a plutocracy and its leaders can see nothing wrong with society being engineered entirely by the rich and powerful.

The Allies also created the UN, World Bank, IMF and WTO after WWII, what is construed as "inevitable" globalization is the UN, WTO, NATO and EU coming to maturity.  The post WWII world is no accident.  The original creators of the plan would probably have amended it by 1990.  Unfortunately they are all dead and the plan is rolling on, probably towards disaster for the individual.

Unelected and now running out of control
The greedy Corporates want the EU for obvious reasons but why is the US and NATO so keen? The US and NATO plan is for the EU to enlarge steadily Eastwards, undermining Russia and ISIS etc as it does so. British forces are essential to this plan.

See also:
The origins of the EU (1) - Nazi Occupied Europe
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* (Monnet, 3 April 1952)

** Monnet was connected to the Wallenberg family in Sweden, the Bosch family in Germany, the Solvays and Boëls in Belgium, and John Foster Dulles, André Meyer, and the Rockefeller family in the United States

Note 1:  Marshall Plan Aid was contingent on the formation of a Common Market:

 See US Foreign Assistance Act 1948

The CEEC specifically pushed for a Customs Union which was adopted by the 6 Common Market Countries in 1957 but had started with the Coal and Steel Community of 1951 which created the Benelux Customs Union. As the experience of German Unification had shown, a Customs Union is the first step to Unification.

** A considerable part of these loans to the UK were used to pay for Defence spending - Britain was one of the victorious allies and had a vast army of occupation - and for managing the transition from the Sterling Area, which had been the main financial system pre-war, to the dollar as a reserve currency.



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